The Survivors of Aelmoor

The Survivor's Set Out

The Dirty Half-Dozen

The adventurer’s set off from the town of Aelmoor, a small town to the southwest of Menoriath. The group were sent into the Halls of Helmund to investigate the increased presence of kobolds in the area. These kobolds were behaving in a strange manner, exhibiting signs of organization normally beyond them.

The adventurer’s found themselves facing a force of kobolds being led by a kobold Lord, named Aurytiss. The adventurer’s found him in the process of calling the Tarrasque, a ravening beast of the distant past. However, they were too late.

Though they slew the Lord and his guards, the Tarrasque rose. The adventurer’s were too late to be able to save the town. The Tarrasque rose from his eternal slumber and laid waste to the town, leaving only the six Survivors as the only witnesses to the Tarrasques devastating presence.



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