The Survivors of Aelmoor

The Assassin's Strike
Things Get a Little Weird

The Survivor’s were poisoned. They find themselves scattered around the town square in the midst of a celebration, all but Sheldon, succumbing to the poison. The search began immediately, with the identification of the poison used. A poison named Granny’s Grief was slipped into their food and drink, leaving them dazed.

Chris immediately begins by accusing the High Priest of poisoning them, which did not endear him to the Church leadership. The rest of the group, however, were able to quickly determine that the poison was very selected, only affecting them. This led them to round up all the people in tunics, believing that this somehow made them lest trustworthy.

In order to test the group of suspect’s moral fiber, Sheldon attempted to put a child into the town square’s guillotine. He was, fortunately, quickly dissuaded by the frantic actions of literally everyone else in the party. He then proceeded to threaten the servants, who happened to be among the group, until they revealed that they the food had been given to them by a stranger, not one of the usual servants. A man who happened to be standing at the far end of the square, attempting to remain unseen to observe the effects of the poison upon the party.

As the Chris and Shaor go to confront the man, Sheldon gathers needed equipment from the tools of Justice still in the town square. While the Ranger and Rogue keep the poisoner penned in Sheldon charges up to him and clamps a shackle around his neck, keeping him from running away.

During the questioning that ensues the poisoners friends sneak up on the party. In an incredible display Sheldon thrusts a bit into the poisoners mouth, mounts his shackled foe and rides him into battle, bellowing his incoherent war cry. This startles the enemy but does not send them fleeing. The rest of the party move to engage their foes directly while Sheldon continues to wrestle with his recalcitrant steed, who manages quickly to toss the Paladin to the ground and drag him behind him.

After much wrestling, Sheldon finally manages to attach him to a hitching post, as any good horse should be, and finally enters the fray directly. This is good because the party was looking a little haggard, since they had been facing off against the full might of a street wizard and a band of hired thugs, including a barbarian possessing a rather strange magical item. Now that Sheldon enters the fray he heals Io, who had fallen to the attacks of her foes.

With the Minotaur restored to health the party quickly destroy the remaining would be assassins. The party then finds the name of the man who had hired them to poison the party, a Gnome Bard named Norvin Wolfswift who often stays at an Inn called The White Hart.

With this information in hand, the party proceed to do a bit of shopping to stock up on new equipment and supplies, including man-horse supplies for Sheldon’s new gimp.

Cutting Off the Head Part 2
Finishing the Fight

The Survivor’s were joined in their fight by a mysterious stranger, appearing from the woods being chased by members of the Kobold Army. The group struggled against Sarna, the Vessel of Erithon. Little did they know that the dragon inside was only lightly slumbering.

When Sarna was injured badly a terrible sense of foreboding and fear filled the hall as the Survivor’s and their new ally continued to fight. Several party members fell and were brought back from the brink of death during this struggle.

After defeating Sarna, the kobold army is left in disarray. The Survivor’s return to Menoriath to much fanfare. The whole city celebrates the defeat of the Kobold army. However, sinister plots are under way in the city. In the course of the celebration the party are slipped a poison in their food and drink which leaves them injured and dazed.

Cutting off the Head Part 1
Dangerous Ideas and Sudden Arrows

The Survivors had successfully destroyed the Lesser Abyssal Plague that was threatening Menoriath. However, they had the brilliant idea of trying to find a small portion of that plague in order to weaken the Kobold army that was marching on the city.

The Survivor's Set Out
The Dirty Half-Dozen

The adventurer’s set off from the town of Aelmoor, a small town to the southwest of Menoriath. The group were sent into the Halls of Helmund to investigate the increased presence of kobolds in the area. These kobolds were behaving in a strange manner, exhibiting signs of organization normally beyond them.

The adventurer’s found themselves facing a force of kobolds being led by a kobold Lord, named Aurytiss. The adventurer’s found him in the process of calling the Tarrasque, a ravening beast of the distant past. However, they were too late.

Though they slew the Lord and his guards, the Tarrasque rose. The adventurer’s were too late to be able to save the town. The Tarrasque rose from his eternal slumber and laid waste to the town, leaving only the six Survivors as the only witnesses to the Tarrasques devastating presence.



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