The Survivors of Aelmoor

Cutting Off the Head Part 2

Finishing the Fight

The Survivor’s were joined in their fight by a mysterious stranger, appearing from the woods being chased by members of the Kobold Army. The group struggled against Sarna, the Vessel of Erithon. Little did they know that the dragon inside was only lightly slumbering.

When Sarna was injured badly a terrible sense of foreboding and fear filled the hall as the Survivor’s and their new ally continued to fight. Several party members fell and were brought back from the brink of death during this struggle.

After defeating Sarna, the kobold army is left in disarray. The Survivor’s return to Menoriath to much fanfare. The whole city celebrates the defeat of the Kobold army. However, sinister plots are under way in the city. In the course of the celebration the party are slipped a poison in their food and drink which leaves them injured and dazed.


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